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I.C. Microcontroller

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Nec D7807B (Consensus 9)


N8X305N (Consensus 9)

Radar: The N8X305 Microcontroller replaced the 8X300 and was releas...

Toshiba TMP80C35AP-6 (Consensus 9)

Al222: TMP80C35AP is a Microcontroller c 8 bit. Features: 1,36 ...
4. Hitachi HD63A03YP (Consensus 9) 2016-Feb-16
5. Intel P80C31BH (Consensus 9) 2016-Feb-12
6. MHS P-80C31 (Consensus 8) 2016-Feb-23

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  1. Descrizione 0 pts about MHS P-80C51ALR by Al222 2020-Nov-20 12:27
    MHS P-80C51ALR is an 8051 microcontroller in CMOS version, therefore with a ...
  2. Descrizione 7 pts about MHS P-80C51ALR by CPU1 2020-Nov-20 12:26
    MHS P-80C51ALR è un microcontroller 8051 in versione CMOS, quindi co ...
  3. Description 0 pts about Hitachi HD63A03YP by Radar 2020-Aug-16 18:08
    Instruction set compatible with HD6301V1   RAM 256 bytes   24 Para ...
  4. Description 7 pts about Toshiba TMP80C35AP-6 by Al222 2020-Jan-27 19:07
    TMP80C35AP is a Microcontroller c 8 bit. Features: 1,36 us Instruction cycle ...
  5. Descrizione 8 pts about MHS P-80C31 by Radar 2020-Jan-10 14:51
    80C31 è un microprocessore che può contenere da 32 a 64k di RAM,&n ...
  6. 80C31 Product specification 0 pts about MHS P-80C31 by Al222 2020-Jan-10 14:51
    80C31 Specifiche del prodotto e datasheet: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sh ...

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