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Floating-point coprocessor (Consensus 9)

Al222: The mathematical coprocessor was coupled with the CPU microp...

DSP (Consensus 9)


Graphic Controller (Consensus 8)

4. LAN Coprocessor (Consensus 0) 2016-Feb-23
5. PIO (Consensus 0) 2016-Feb-23
6. CTC (Consensus 0) 2016-Feb-24

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  1. Descrizione 7 pts about Floating-point coprocessor by Al222 2020-Oct-13 12:01
    The mathematical coprocessor was coupled with the CPU microprocessor to perform ...
  2. Descrizione 14 pts about Floating-point coprocessor by CPU1 2020-Oct-13 11:59
    Il coprocessore matematico veniva affiancato al microprocessore CPU per svolgere ...
  3. Descrizione 0 pts about ROM by Frank123 2016-Nov-17 17:48
    Read Only Memory ...
  4. Descrizione 7 pts about DUART by RS232 2016-May-20 17:28
    DUART = Dual Asynchronous receiver/trasmitter ...
  5. Descrizione 0 pts about LANCE by CPU1 2016-Feb-15 19:30
    LANCE = Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet ...
  6. Descrizione 0 pts about FPGA by CPU1 2016-Feb-14 12:08
    FPGA = Field Programmable Gate Array ...

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