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Tracking - Satellites

Satellite tracking apps are used to monitor the position and movement of satellites in Earth's orbit. Here's a list of the typical information these apps collect. Location Data. Precise coordinates of the satellite in orbit, providing real-time tracking of the position. Orbit and Trajectory. Information about the satellite's orbit, including altitude, orbital inclination, and predicted trajectory. Satellite Identification. Details such as the name of the satellite, type, the space agency it belongs to, and identification number. Operational Status. Information on the operational status of the satellite, such as active, inactive, or in the process of decommissioning. TLE (Two-Line Element Set) Data. Information used to calculate the satellite's position and trajectory. Visibility Alerts. Notifications about times when satellites are visible from the user's location, useful for observation or photography. Special Events. Information on events like transits, eclipses, or other astronomical phenomena. Historical Data. Archive of past trajectories and missions of satellites. Launch Information. Details on recent or upcoming launches of new satellites. Compliance Data. Information relevant to regulatory compliance, such as assigned orbits and international restrictions.
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satflare (Consensus 44)

CPU1: All the satellites orbiting the Earth can be tracked in real...

I.S.S. Tracker isstracker.com (Consensus 40)

CPU1: I.S.S. is a Space Station launched on 20 November 1998 with ...

esa - international space station (Consensus 38)

Qwerty: From the site :http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Human_Space...
4. NASA spottthestation (Consensus 38) 2018-Jan-01
5. N2YO (Consensus 36) 2018-Jan-01
6. iss.stormway.ru (Consensus 35) 2018-Jan-01

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