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Video Editing and presentation

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Consensus 45)

Frank123: Adobe Premiere Pro. New features 208 version 12.0.1 Updat...

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 (Consensus 24)

FCS777: Corel Videostudio Ultimate X10 version 2018All the features ...

VEGAS Pro 16 Suite (Consensus 17)

Cpt98: Designed to directly support the preferred workflow,  V...
4. CyberLink Power Director Suite 6 (Consensus 16) 2019-Jan-30
5. Video to Video Converter (Consensus 13) 2019-Jan-30


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  1. VEGAS Pro Motion Tracking problems and solution 10 pts about VEGAS Pro 16 Suite by Al222 2024-Feb-14 21:31
    Vegas Motion tracking. It works from version 17 onward.I will preface this ...
  2. VEGAS Pro Motion Tracking errori e soluzione 10 pts about VEGAS Pro 16 Suite by Al222 2024-Feb-14 21:30
    Vegas Motion tracking. Funziona dalla versione 17 in poi.Premetto che la gestion ...
  3. VEGAS Pro 15-16 9 pts about VEGAS Pro 16 Suite by Cpt98 2024-Feb-10 17:02
    Il pacchetto VEGAS Pro 15 Suite comprende (gennaio 2018).NomeVersione Dimen ...
  4. Descrizione 8 pts about Adobe Premiere Pro CC by Frank123 2019-Mar-27 18:42
    Ecco le nuove funzioni di Adobe Premiere Pro versione 12.0.1 Aggiornamenti pe ...
  5. Vegas Pro 16. Come il tracking sembra non funzionare 7 pts about VEGAS Pro 16 Suite by Al222 2019-Feb-21 21:31
    Vegas Pro 16 è un buon programma di video editing, ma alcune funzioni pos ...
  6. Vegas Pro 16. How tracking does not seem to work properly 7 pts about VEGAS Pro 16 Suite by Al222 2019-Feb-02 09:09
    Vegas Pro 16. How "tracking" does not seem to work properly. Vegas Pro 16 ...

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