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VEGAS Pro 16 Suite
"VEGAS Pro 16, good video editing, but..."
by Handy23 (2609 pt)
2019-Jan-24 17:50

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The VEGAS Pro 15 Suite has proven to be, at the same time, a professional and an intuitive program.

However, even in version 16 there are several problems:

1 - Random freezes / abnormal crashes even several times during the session


2 - The "Tracking" through Bézier Masking, to trace an object in motion and modify it, for example to obscure the plates or the face of a person, works badly. Just for a few seconds, then it releases. I wrote in the forum where the problem happened to others, but there was no positive solution.

Now let's take a look at the contents of the package

Package also includes:

  • VEGAS DVD Architect
  • HitFilm Movie Essentials
  • NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate
  • NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5
  • proDAD light version
  • Sapphire Render Unit from Boris FX
  • Music Maker

Background.  By default it is black, but it seems too dark to me. It can be changed from  Options - Preferences - Display. On Interface Type you can choose between Dark, Medium, Light, White.

Importing files. Drag the files is very simple and intuitive.
You must first familiarize yourself with the Ripple. This command allows you to move the frames as singles or as groups.

Editing. To create a title, in Media Generators we use or Titles & Text which is quite simple, but effective. Or more complete ProType Titler. Or NewBlue Titler Pro, very advanced.
The Transitions are in Video FX, they are many and have excellent effects.

Audio. Audio tracks are easy to handle and there are plenty of control and editing options in the preference

Rendering settings. Almost infinite options, and these my settings (Files - Properties):

  • Template : Custom (1920x1080; 25,000 fps)
  • Width : 1.920
  • Height : 1.080
  • Field order : none
  • Pixel aspect ratio : 1.000 (Square)
  • Output rotation : 0°
  • Frame rate : 25,000 (PAL)
  • Stereoscopic 3D mode : Off
  • Pixel format : 8-bit per video normali o 32-bit floating point (video levels) for  high quality videos. I do not use 32-bit floating point (full range) because, in my system, the colors become saturated.
  • Full-resolution rendering quality : Best
  • Motion blur type : Gaussian
  • Deinterlace method : None
  • Resample mode : Smart resample

Video options (Options - Preferences - Video) :

  • Dynamic RAM Preview max (MB) : 200
  • Maximum number of rendering threads : 32
  • GPU acceleration of video processing : Off   This is because I had stability problems if I selected my nvidia video card
  • Show source frame numbers on event  thumbnails as : None
  • Thumbnail to show in video events : Head, Center, Tail
  • Automatically create video proxies for Ultra HD media NO
  • Use external video capture application : YES
  • Video Preview display - Action safe area (%) 10 Horizontal grid division (#) 10 Title safe area (%) 20 Vertical grid divisions (#) 10
  • Display at project size ON
  • Simulate devide aspect ratio ON
  • Background color : White
  • Stereoscopic 3D mode : Use Project Settings
  • Display take names ON
  • Display take numbers ON

A good video editing at a "reasonable" price when compared with Adobe and the other great, but nothing more.