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Pinkfroot Ltd. is an English company that created this worldwide live Flight Tracking and an App for iPhone and Android, for a fee, with live Flight Tracking and many other info on flights, airports, etc.


  • ID Flight
  • ID Airline
  • Plane Type
  • Route
  • Position
  • Speed
  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • ICAO, IATA Codes
  • etc.

Thus, PlaneFinder is a flight tracking service that allows flights to be monitored in real time around the world. 

Real-Time Flight Tracking

 PlaneFinder offers interactive maps to view ongoing flights, providing detailed information on each flight.

Flight Information

 Includes details such as route, altitude, speed, aircraft type, airline, and flight number.

Global Coverage

 Uses a network of ADS-B data and ground-based radars to provide global flight coverage.

Mobile and Web Applications

 Available as both a mobile app and a website, PlaneFinder is accessible from various devices.

Advanced Features

 Offers advanced functions like 3D map view, customizable search filters, and historical flight information.

Flight History and Analysis

 Users can access historical flight data and use analysis tools to evaluate trends and statistics.

Intuitive User Interface

 PlaneFinder’s interface is designed to be clear and easy to use.

Free and Premium Versions

 PlaneFinder offers both a free version with basic functionalities and premium options with additional detailed services.

Versatile Use

 It is used by both aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals for flight monitoring, planning, and analysis.

Community and Support

 PlaneFinder has an active community and offers user support, including forums and FAQs.