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Chemistry - Nutritional

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Ellagic Acid (Consensus 97)

FRanier: What is Ellagic acid A natural component, a polyphenol. Wh...

Falcarinol (Consensus 87)

A_Partyns: Falcarinol is a natural component found in some vegetables, ...

Vitamin B12 - Cobalamin (Consensus 85)

Handy23: Vitamin B12 has, among other functions, that of generating r...
4. Flavonoids (Consensus 79) 2019-Jul-01
5. Pectin (Consensus 79) 2019-Aug-03
6. Riboflavin - B2 Vitamin (Consensus 75) 2012-Nov-01

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  1. Limonene, studi 9 pts about Limonene by Ark90 2019-Aug-16 17:52
    Il Limonene viene comunemente usato come fragranza in campo cosmetico per profum ...
  2. Limonene studies 8 pts about Limonene by Ark90 2019-Aug-16 17:51
    In cosmetic applications, as the limonene is easily oxidizable on contact with a ...
  3. Descrizione 8 pts about Linoleic Acid by AColumn 2019-Aug-12 11:11
    L'acido linoleico (omega 6) è ritenuto un acido grasso essenziale per il ...
  4. Descrizione 8 pts about Palm Oil (Industry) by FCS777 2019-Aug-08 19:41
    L'olio di palma, è ricavato per schiacciamento e per vari altri procedime ...
  5. Description 7 pts about Palm Oil (Industry) by FCS777 2019-Aug-08 19:39
    Palm oil is obtained by crushing and for various other chemical processes, from ...
  6. Olio di palma industriale studi 8 pts about Palm Oil (Industry) by FCS777 2019-Aug-08 19:38
    The Effect of Palm Oil-Based Hybrid Oils as Green Multifunctional Oils on the Pr ...

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