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Apollo 1 (Consensus 134)


Ellagic Acid (Consensus 97)

FRanier: What is Ellagic acid A natural component, a polyphenol. Wh...

Falcarinol (Consensus 87)

A_Partyns: Falcarinol is a natural component found in some vegetables, ...
4. Vitamin B12 - Cobalamin (Consensus 85) 2012-Nov-01
5. Flavonoids (Consensus 79) 2013-Jan-29
6. Pectine (Consensus 79) 2012-Sep-16

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  1. Descrizione 8 pts about E412 Guar gum by Harrier2 2019-Jun-19 21:42
    Guar (Cyamopsis Tetragonaloba L.) è una pianta nativa dell'India e che or ...
  2. Description 8 pts about Alpha tocopherol by A_Partyns 2019-Jun-19 20:02
    Alpha tocopherol or Vitamin E or Tocoferol occurs naturally in cereals, in oils ...
  3. Descrizione 8 pts about Alpha tocopherol by Al222 2019-Jun-19 20:00
    Alfa tocoferolo o Vitamina E o Tocoferolo si trova in natura nei cereali, i ...
  4. Description 8 pts about Chromium supplement by FRanier 2019-Jun-19 19:50
    Chromium is considered as an essential trace element, important in carbohydrates ...
  5. Descrizione 8 pts about Chromium supplement by Fillp 2019-Jun-19 19:49
     Il cromo è considerato come un oligoelemento essenziale, importante ...
  6. Chromium supplement studies 8 pts about Chromium supplement by FRanier 2019-Jun-19 19:41
    Chromium as a food supplement Pros Type 2 diabetes is often associated with ob ...

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