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This introductory part explains concisely the Tiiips licence, with few legal terms. The actual licence details follow in the second part below.

Tiiips (including the web site and the mobile app) is a system that allows users to exchange advice or suggestions (tips) on the most varied subjects. All users shall take full responsibility for what they write on the Web Site and Tiiips shall not be held responsible in any way whatsoever for those contents.

Users shall not use any coarse, offensive or provocative language, shall not spread spam on the system, shall not try to damage or use web “bots” or similar data gathering or extraction methods on the web site, and shall not annoy, pester, threaten or insult other users of the system in any way. Should any of the above behaviour take place then the Tiiips staff shall take immediate action to suspend that user’s account and IP and shall promptly inform the relevant authorities.

Users shall protect their own personal login from all unauthorised use. Furthermore, only one login is allowed for each single user. One of the fundamental characteristics of the system is the likes/votes of some objects/subjects and each user shall vote only once.

The system contents are divided into three categories:

1) Images posted to the personal profile, user’s name and surname, e-mail address, e-mail messages or chat exchanged among users

2) Personal data (date and place of birth, place of residence, sex etc.)

3) All other information posted to the systems such as images, reviews, comments, votes

Category 1 contents are the sole property of the user and he/she may ask for the cancellation, at any time, of such data should he/she no longer wish to be present on the system. This data shall be kept in strict confidence and shall not be transmitted to third parties without the explicit authorisation of the user.

Category 2 contents shall be used strictly for statistical purposes by Tiiips and kept even if the user cancels his/her subscription.

Category 3 contents become the property of Tiiips, but the author may use them in any form and for any purpose on other web sites or for other activities. It is inadvisable for users to post objects/subjects onto the system that are subject to copyright. Should this be necessary for questions of correctness, users shall always cite the author and type of licence.

Terms of Use of the Tiiips Service

1. Definitions

To all intents and purposes of this licence, the following terms and conditions are intended and interpreted as follows:

Tiiips: the Web Site www.tiiips.com and the mobile app, which are the sole property of the Overthecode s.r.o. Company and its associated services

Tiiips Holder: the juridical person responsible for the maintenance and usability of the Tiiips.com services

User: the person authorised to login to Tiiips in order to have the use of its services, registered through login or visitor user

Tiiips Software: the available functions made available by Tiiips such as the search for information, data and text, as well as voting, posting images and reviews

Category 1 contents: images posted to the personal profile, user name and surname, e-mail address, e-mail messages or chat exchanged among users

Category 2 contents: personal data (date and place of birth, place of residence, sex etc.), excluding name and surname and his/her e-mail address

Category 3 contents: all contents not included in Categories 1 and 2 – such as images, reviews, questions, answers, comments, votes

Users can request the deletion of the account writing an email to info @ tiiips.com .

Conditions of Service use or Conditions of Tiiips Service use: this document

2. Registration to the Tiiips service

Access to the services is provided free of charge by the Tiiips Holder through the Web Site www.tiiips.com to every registered User who is over 13 years old.

Under-age persons (those under 18 years old) who wish to access Tiiips shall of necessity be assisted by their parents, or whoever has parental authority, in creating the account. The parents, or whoever has parental authority, shall determine if the Tiiips services and relative contents are appropriate. The parents, or whoever has parental authority, in giving their consent for the access of the children, shall acknowledge and accept that the children may accede to all the Tiiips services including, but not limited to, social networks, community, and forum and chat services.

Users, at the moment of registration to the services and of the personal data, shall certify that they have read this document, and understand it, and that they accept and agree to be bound by the “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service” for access to the services and the modalities for the treatment of personal data in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003, which we ask them to accept explicitly, through electronic registration, and by clicking on the checkbox “I have read and approved the “Terms of Use of the Service and the modalities for the treatment of personal data (Privacy)”.

The declaration of having read carefully the contract conditions and the acceptance of them is a necessary and indispensable prerequisite for the access and use of the services offered by the Tiiips Holder.

3. User Liabilities

The User shall keep securely and strictly in confidence their own User name (or nickname) and password and protect them from all unauthorised use.

The User shall make only one registration and shall not register accounts or other user names (or nicknames) that abuse the functionalities of the site.

The User, on registration, shall:

  1. provide truthful, accurate, updated and complete data and information

  2. keep and update the registration data on the page of their own Profile so that the same data is always truthful, accurate, updated and complete. It follows that the User is the sole person responsible for the preservation, secrecy and use of their User name (or nickname) and password, and is also the sole person responsible for their own legitimate and/or illegitimate uses that may be carried out

In the case of theft and/or loss of their access data (User name or nickname and/or password) and/or the non-authorised disclosure and/or use of the account and/or password by third parties, the User shall promptly communicate the fact to the Tiiips Holder (by e-mail to privacy@tiiips.com), who shall proceed with the deactivation of the registration and the cancellation of all the possible illegitimate contents.

The User shall ensure that they have carried out correctly the logout (“Logout” icon) from their own account when they have finished their session of the use of the services.

4. Rules and Regulations of Conduct and Behaviour for Users of the Services

With regard to the use of the Tiiips services, the User shall respect the following rules:

It is strictly prohibited to divulge/publish:

1. private e-mail addresses

2. telephone numbers or private addresses

Each User shall take full civil, penal and administrative responsibility deriving from the illegitimate content of their messages and from any damage that may be reported by third parties in relation to the divulgement/publication of the same.

The following contents are expressly prohibited:

  1. Prejudicial to the privacy of persons – abusive, defamatory, obscene, offensive

  2. Breach of Italian and/or international laws

  3. Offence to institutions or the religion of any faith

  4. Racism and any apologia of the inferiority or superiority of any minority, race, population or culture with respect to the others

  5. Incitement to violence and the commission of a crime

  6. Material and links to sites prohibited to persons under 18 (e.g. pornographic and violence etc.)

  7. Undesired spam, publicity, promotional messages, chain letters

  8. Material covered by copyright that violates copyright laws

  9. Impersonification of people or untruthful information about Users

  10. IT viruses – spyware, malware or damaging codes

The reuse or the extraction, even partial, of the Tiiips contents is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Tiiips Holder, except as authorised in Art. 6 “Assignments of Rights on Contents Transmitted”.

Non-communication does not give any kind of authorisation.

It is strictly forbidden to use techniques of “Reverse Engineering”, copying, modifying, decompiling, disassembling or intervening, totally or partially, on the Tiiips software. It is also not permitted to create derivations of Tiiips, nor help, encourage, support or assist persons to carry out such activities.

It is strictly forbidden to use data mining, robots, framing or techniques of framing or other acquisition and/or extraction devices/systems in order to extract and/or reuse any part and/or content (e.g. images, text, page format and/or layout) of Tiiips without the prior written consent of the Tiiips Holder.

The User shall accept that Tiiips has no obligation to monitor the User’s content. Tiiips, the Tiiips Holder, the Administrators and Moderators shall reserve the right to refuse, eliminate or reclassify the User’s content that may constitute a violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use or that may be inappropriate for other reasons.

The User shall evaluate and shall assume all the risks connected with the use of their content therein, including, but not limited to, the usefulness, completeness, reliability or accurateness of their content.

5. Suspension or Cancellation of the Account

The User may ask, at any time, for the cancellation of the Category 1 Contents on the page of their own Profile, and the Tiiips Holder shall take immediate steps to cancel the data.

The Tiiips Holder or Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to suspend the account and/or remove all illegitimate/improper contents, also without informing the User, when:

  1. contents posted by the User violate the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Tiiips Services

  2. requested by the relevant authorities

  3. unforeseen technical problems occur

  4. prolonged inactivity by the User occurs

The suspension or cancellation of the User’s account is at the complete discretion of the Tiiips Holder who shall not be held responsible for any damage that the User may suffer due to loss of data.

6. Assignment of Rights on Contents Transmitted

Users shall keep all copyrights and every other right for which they are the legal owners of all the Categories 1, 2 and 3 Contents, as described in the Clause 1– Definitions. Users are free to exploit the above contents transmitted in their name, both economically or commercially.

Users may choose to publish/divulge and make visible the Category 1 Contents under the terms “Privacy Options” defined in their own profile.

Users shall assign to the Tiiips Holder, free of charge, the ownership and the licence of all the rights of economic and commercial exploitation for all activities of : translation, adaptation, publication, reproduction and distribution, relative to the Category 2 and Category 3 Contents described in the Clause – Definitions.

This licence is valid for the Categories 2 and 3 Contents, also after the request by the User to remove their account.

7. Modifications to the Tiiips Software and the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service

The Tiiips Holder reserves the right to change, interrupt, modify and cancel, at any time and without notice, the Tiiips Software and connected services.

This regulation may be modified at any moment and without notice and, therefore, the User shall periodically consult it in order to check for any updates. In any case, Tiiips or the Tiiips Holder shall not be held responsible towards the User for any modifications of the Terms and Conditions and use of the services.

8. Limitation of Warranties

Users shall recognise that access to the services, and the preservation, publication and divulgement of the contents posted, are made at their own entire risk.

The Tiiips Holder does not offer any type of guarantee for the Tiiips site (comprising software, data, applications, contents, information and services), which is provided “as is” without guarantee of any kind by the Tiiips Holder, and is not responsible for the:

  1. enabling, non-enabling and disconnection of access to the site

  2. using or non-enabling of the use of any site content

  3. content of any site or sites directly or indirectly connected with this site. Any viruses, spam, other risky components or other digital forms of voluntary disturbance and damage, or not, which may be present in any direct or indirect shape or form on this site or on the servers that make this site available

  4. services that do not correspond to the requisites and/or the expectations of Users

  5. Moreover, no guarantee is provided to the User concerning results that may be obtained by them with the use of the services, or with regard to the truthfulness and/or reliability of all information, data or news obtained by the User from the services and/or the site.

9. Limitation of Liability

The User shall acknowledge and accept that the Tiiips Holder shall not be held responsible, in any way whatsoever, for any type of damage (direct or indirect, consequential, property/assets and not) to the User or third parties, deriving from the:

  1. use or impossibility of using the services

  2. modifications, suspension or interruption of the services

  3. material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the services

  4. contents present or made available on Tiiips, in any form, and including, but not limited to, texts, images, audio files, video files, votes, reviews

  5. non-authorised access or the alteration of the User’s transmissions and/or data, comprising therein, among other things, any damage, also economic, to the User that may be suffered for the loss of profit, use, loss of data or other intangible items

  6. damage, loss of data or information, damage due to delay, or loss of possibility, inaccurate or unreliable information, lack of information retrieval, restriction or loss of access, difficulties or problems of any kind, mistakes.

The User may not claim any compensation or reimbursement from Tiiips, the Tiiips Holder, Administrators, Moderators and Tiiips staff at any time for any contents sent, posted or published on Tiiips.

To a maximum extent permitted by laws applicable, the User shall acknowledge and accept and holds the Tiiips Holder, their parent company, their controlled and affiliated companies, also their suppliers and partners, agents, officers, employees, collaborators, and joint owners of brand names/trademarks, harmless against any requests or claims, also if presented by third parties, comprising costs and reasonable legal expenses deriving from the Content the User has made available or sent in any way through the Tiiips Software and/or from violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service or violation of any third-party rights by the User.

The User shall acknowledge and accept that all information on pharmaceutical and medicinal products, also licenced and not, as well as washing powders, detergents and/or other products of any kind, are of a purely informative nature and reflect personal opinions of the Users or group(s) of Users. Such information does not provide medical assistance or instructions and, therefore, is not suitable for personal intents or purposes, or particular uses. Users should always consult their own doctor and/or pharmacist to obtain targeted and professional advice on therapy, diagnosis and treatment, as well as general and particular individual needs.

The Tiiips site may contain links to other internet sites, banners and other things besides. These links are of an informative nature and do not necessarily respect the opinions of the site Tiiips. Any external site or linked or present under any form, in the pages or through Tiiips, shall not be interpreted in any way whatsoever as ascribable to the responsibility of the Tiiips Holder.

10. Personal Data Privacy

The Tiiips Holder shall treat all personal data of the User at the moment of registration and in full obedience of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 (under the “Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali” – Code for the Protection of Personal Data), according to the modalities and aims and purposes indicated in the information provided to the User (ex-Art. 13 of the Code).

Having read the information as per Art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, and having signed this contract, the User hereby declares his/her express consent for the treatment and communication of the data relative to him/her, with the modalities described in the aforementioned information, hold the Tiiips Holder harmless against any civil, penal or administrative responsibility whatsoever, for any damage that, as a consequence, the User might suffer, by using the said treatment.

11. Protection of Author Copyright

In the case that any contents are quoted or reported, taken from official sites of information, newspapers, magazines and others (including, but not limited to, texts and images), the source shall be cited on the condition that laws on copyright are not violated.

All trademarks and logos present on Tiiips.com are the sole property of the respective owners.

12 – Laws Applicable, Arbitration and Renunciation of Legal and Class Action

This agreement is regulated by the rules relative to contracts to be adhered to.

The Tiiips aim is for reciprocal help among Users and, should any kind of dispute arise in relation to the execution or interpretation of this agreement, the User shall inform the Tiiips Holder located at Bilany 19, Kromeriz, the Czech Republic, of the reasons for any dissatisfaction within 30 (thirty) days from the ascertainment of a problem through a recorded delivery letter with advice of delivery; after the 30 (thirty) days, the claim shall no longer be valid.

The User and the Tiiips holder shall undertake to resolve any dispute out of court within a period of 90 (ninety) days. In any case, any compensation shall not exceed the amount of 1,000 Czech Koruna.

This agreement has been written in Italian, Czech and English, and should any problems arise relative to its interpretation, the Italian version shall prevail.

For any dispute deriving from this contract the Court of Kromeriz, Czech Republic, will be competent exclusively.