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Ecovacs - WINBOT 950 (Consensus 67)

CarPas: Ecovacs WINBOT TM 950 is a robot that washes the glasses i...

IRobot Scooba® 450 (Consensus 46)

Handy23: A second-generation floor washer, after the Scooba 385 and 3...

iRobot Roomba® 980 (Consensus 38)

4. IRobot Roomba black Gearbox (Consensus 38) 2020-Nov-30
5. IRobot Roomba 800 series (Consensus 27) 2021-Oct-06
6. iRobot Roomba® 520 (Consensus 24) 2017-Jul-21

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  1. Roomba serie 700 , programmarlo 18 pts about iRobot Roomba® 730/780 by Frank123 2023-Jul-06 18:33
    Programmazione di Roomba serie 700Impostazione della lingua La lingua prede ...
  2. Scooba 450 does not suck up water 10 pts about IRobot Scooba® 450 by Cpt98 2023-Jan-13 09:20
    Defect: Scooba 450 does not suck up waterScooba 450 leaves a lot of water on the ...
  3. Scooba 450 non aspira acqua 18 pts about IRobot Scooba® 450 by Cpt98 2023-Jan-13 09:15
    Difetto : Scooba 450 non aspira acquaScooba 450 lascia molta acqua sul pavimento ...
  4. Descrizione 0 pts about iRobot Scooba® 390 by Nat45 2022-Nov-09 10:14
    Scooba 390 è un robot lavapavimenti che lava (ma non asciuga) tutte le su ...
  5. Descrizione 10 pts about IRobot Roomba® s9 by Ark90 2022-Apr-26 12:38
    IRobot Roomba® s9 is a robot vacuum cleaner with a Lithium-Ion battery that ...
  6. Descrizione 20 pts about IRobot Roomba® s9 by Ark90 2022-Apr-26 12:37
    IRobot Roomba® s9 è un robot aspirapolvere con batteria Litio-Io ...

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