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Ecovacs - WINBOT 950 (Consensus 67)

CarPas: Ecovacs WINBOT TM 950 is a robot that washes the glasses i...

Seggiolone stokke (Consensus 51)


IRobot Scooba® 450 (Consensus 46)

Handy23: Second Generation Washer, after the Scooba 385 and 390, the ...
4. Philips SoftTouch RQ1167 (Consensus 30) 2014-Nov-30
5. iRobot Roomba® 980 (Consensus 29) 2017-Oct-10
6. Viakal 500 ml (Consensus 28) 2019-Apr-14

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  1. Scooba 450 also works with a broken pump 8 pts about IRobot Scooba® 450 by Al222 2019-May-12 16:31
    If the pump no longer works, you can still use Scooba 450 simply and inexpensive ...
  2. Scooba 450 funziona anche con pompa rotta 8 pts about IRobot Scooba® 450 by Al222 2019-May-12 16:28
    Se la pompa non funziona più, potrete usare ugualmente Scooba 450 in modo ...
  3. Description 0 pts about Lanza - Pulito e Igiene 1,125 kg by GStream 2019-May-11 18:32
    It takes little and acts on both white and colored garments.It is rather delicat ...
  4. Lanza Pulito e Igiene Ne basta poco 7 pts about Lanza - Pulito e Igiene 1,125 kg by AColumn 2019-May-11 18:31
    Ne basta poco ed agisce sia sui capi bianchi che su quelli colorati. E' piuttos ...
  5. Spazzola Scooba 385 390 attenzione a non romperla 14 pts about Main brushScooba® 385 390 by Ark90 2019-Apr-13 18:00
    Uno dei guasti più frequenti sulla spazzola Scooba 385 390 è la ro ...
  6. Scooba 450 does not start 8 pts about IRobot Scooba® 450 by bitliner88 2019-Apr-07 18:25
    If the Scooba 450 turns on, it has a green battery LED lit, but when you press t ...

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