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  1. Paradise 0 pts about Paradise by luca 2013-Mar-21 12:43
    Ingredienti: 5/10 gin3/10 apricot brandy2/10 succo d'aranciaPreparazione:Agitar ...
  2. Gin and Tonic 0 pts about Gin and Tonic by luca 2013-Mar-21 11:18
    Ingredienti: 1/3 Gin2/3 acqua tonicaPreparazione: Versare il gin in un tumbler ...
  3. John Collins 0 pts about John Collins by luca 2013-Mar-21 10:56
    Ingredienti: 3/10 gin2/10 succo di limone1/10 sciroppo di zucchero4/10 soda wat ...
  4. Singapore Sling 0 pts about Singapore Sling by luca 2013-Mar-21 10:33
    Ingredienti: 3/10 gin2/10 succo di limone1/10 cherry brandy4/10 soda water Pre ...
  5. Negroni 0 pts about Negroni by luca 2013-Mar-21 09:42
    Ingredienti: 1/3 gin1/3 vermut rosso italiano1/3 Bitter Campari Preparazione: ...
  6. Dry Martini 0 pts about Dry Martini by luca 2013-Mar-21 09:31
    Ingredienti: 8/10 gin2/10 vermut dry Preparazione: Miscelare nel mixing glass ...

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